Our Story

About us

Welcome to ABLE in School (ABLE) a byproduct of TNT Kid’s Fitness, where inclusivity and empowerment intersect. We are proud to partner with Connor, McGovern an ABLE champion. Together we’re reshaping the landscape of physical education and fitness.

Where we started

TNT Kid’ Fitness (TNT), a 501(c)(3) organization, located in Fargo, North Dakota was created in 2006. TNT is a gymnastics center that envisioned serving children of all abilities in an inclusive setting, allowing every child, regardless of their abilities, to engage in physically active side-by-side with their peers. This framework was built on their mission to “unlock potential table through movement.”

 Connor McGovern, TNT & ABLE Champion,

The creation of ABLE was inspired by Connor McGovern, TNT and ABLE Champion. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable beginning as a small town boy from North Dakota to a prominent NFL player – currently the center for the New York Jets. Physical activity and competition have always been a defining element of Connor’s life, sparking a deep desire to share those opportunity to a boarder demographic. His involvement with TNT and ABLE is a testament to his commitment to giving back.

ABLE in School

ABLE in School (ABLE) is a product designed to support all learners through a physical education class to unlock their potential. ABLE is inspired by the word ‘capable’. Introducing their 18 years of designing programs for multiple abilities to provide a seamless K-12 physical education supplement that embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion for public schools, workforce, and competitions.

Through ABLE, TNT and Connor build a “MOVEMENT” on our ABLE framework foundation of inclusive functional fitness for physical education, training / consulting, and learning plans to change the trajectory of how physical education can be the driver for all learners to participate, learn, compete, and succeed in every area of life.

ABLE Games

Connor and TNT’s ability to inspire others hasn’t stopped with ABLE. Together they created ABLE Games, and all inclusive functional fitness competition, celebrating all abilities, from the experienced competitor to those competing for the first time, as well as for people of all abilitie