Physical education educators play a crucial role in ABLE as the experts in movement.

Through your expertise, you empower students to incorporate movement into their daily routines which foster natural and positive habits and the ABLETM In School learning plans supply the adaptations.

The only plug-and-play curriculum WITH  learning plans

ABLE™ In School’s standards-based curriculum and framework for K-12 comes with embedded learning plans with:

  • 24/7 curriculum that works in any setting
  • Detailed learning plans
  • Embedded SEL
  • ABLE™ Tiers that differentiate instruction to meet the equity needs of each student
  • ABLE™ Movement videos for each Tier
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring with individualized pace flow
  • Plug and play class solutions (with/without neurotypical students)
  • Strategies that work in any setting and with/without equipment
  • ABLE™ Dynamic Warm-Up
  • ABLE™ Challenges

Physical Education Consulting & Teacher Training

Bring ABLE in School to your school and teachers for an engaging and hands on training!

ABLE in School is not a book filled with information and pictures. ABLE is an online resource 24/7 which included multiple resources, detailed learning plans aligned to state and national SHAPE standards, videos that coordinate with learning plans that illustrate adaptation, and alignment modification to multiple PE sport based – unites.

For over 18 years, TNT Kid’s Fitness has been testing numerous instructional strategies by bringing school partnerships to its facility. During these face-to-face classes, educators have experienced our hands-on approach influencing paraprofessionals, therapists, and physical /adapted educators. The “what to do” becomes evident when our skilled trainers embed the “how and why” via ABLE in School training. ABLE trainings bring the fun, “hands on,” energy, and every tool needed to help educations launch their inclusive PE class. It’s a turn-key process.

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Dr. Cory Steiner
Superintendent of Northern Cass School District,
shares his insights into the importance of
ABLE in school curriculums.

“If a school district isn’t using the ABLE in School curriculum, they’re making a mistake.”

“The goal is to help as many people as possible and I think we are truly achieving that goal with ABLE.”

“The ABLE curriculum has been developed to help allow those students with disabilities transition into the workforce.”

“The ABLE in School curriculum was easy to navigate. All my resources were in one place, the lessons were easy to follow, and they provided flexibility to make sure I am meeting the needs in my classroom.”

“Kids are starting to see the purpose and realizing that they are developing skills and motor function that they are going to need  for the rest of their lives.”