Meet Our Team

Nate Hendrickson

Movement Specialist

Nate Hendrickson is a Movement Specialist with a bachelor of science in Health/Physical Education DAPE and a background in the United States Marine Corps. Nate joined the TNT team 15 years ago and has been a valued member of the organization ever since. His role allows him to help children of all abilities develop movement skills and concepts that promote health, wellness, and independence. Nate is passionate about the importance of movement in daily living, recreation, and vocation, as it enables and motivates individuals to navigate and enjoy life while contributing to self and others.  Nate is excited about the future of this ecosystem and the potential to empower individuals to recognize, grow, and share their abilities for the betterment of all.

Leslie Frie

Occupational Therapist

Leslie Frie has held various roles at TNT shaping her professional journey. From coaching gymnastics to aiding a dissertation, her experiences fueled a passion for child development, leading to an Occupational Therapy degree. In 2016, Leslie established a pediatric outpatient business within TNT. Her OT expertise guided TNT’s curriculum, collaborating with Nate to create the ABLE Framework: ABLE in School, ABLE in Work, & ABLE Games. Leslie’s excited about ABLE in Action’s transformative potential, shifting perspectives and opportunities. She believes early recognition of ability forms an inclusive society. With the potential global impact of ABLE in Action, Leslie is motivated daily to come to work and make a difference.

Erin Ahneman

Sales & Support Specialist

Erin Ahneman has a background in marketing communications and is passionate about ABLE in Action. After serving on the Board of Directors at TNT for three years, she joined the ABLE in Action team as the Senior Project Director in August 2022. Erin is committed to getting the ABLE product used globally and driving systemic change. She is excited about the future of ABLE in Action and the potential to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. Erin’s dedication and passion for ABLE in Action make her a valuable member of the team, and her skills and expertise help to drive the success of the ABLE in Action ecosystem starting with ABLE in School.

Kathy Klath

Sales & Support Specialist

Kathy Klath is the Sales & Support Specialist for ABLE in School. Kathy joins the team with an extensive background in sales and customer service. Kathy loves the outdoors and passionate about making a difference in the lives of students with special needs. Kathy joined the ABLE team in November 2022 and is dedicated to creating systemic change in schools and the workforce by selling ABLE in School products. Seeing the smiles on the students’ faces and knowing that she’s contributed to their success fills her heart with pure joy. Eager to support the transformative efforts of the ABLE in Action ecosystem, Kathy strives to change lives by bringing her knowledge to the team.